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Let's Collaborate

Once you find the right fit and style of jeans, they can become your best friend. Whether you wear your jeans with heels, a button-down and blazer, or cuffed with Converse and a cami, you can always count on your favorite jeans to give you that extra spring in your step. Una Blue takes your favorite pair of jeans and brings them next level. Through a highly collaborative process, we turn them into an amazing work of art that always reflects your unique style and spirit. So let’s get creative together! Our design elements are fun, simple, and aimed to inspire you. Once the concept is decided upon, we’ll send you your very own Una Blues in 3-4 weeks. Let’s get started!

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Start by taking a look at the Ready-To-Wear page to get a sense of the styles and design elements we offer. Then browse the options and decide what style, fabric, color palette, and embellishment choices you are drawn to. 

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Then use our order form at the end to place your order, and we are off and running! If you do not want some or all of the design elements, simply select the "None" option in the drop down menu on the order form at the end. If you want to be completely surprised, select "Designer's Choice" on the order form and we'll pick the style for you!

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Una Blue will send you a mailer with a pre-paid shipping label and you place your jeans inside and send them back to us. That's it! Our design team will get to work creating a pair of jeans made solely for you that will not only fit your body perfectly but will also fit your style vibe.